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Sit to Be Fit: Live Longer With A Stronger Core

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Sit to Be Fit: Live Longer with A Stronger Core

4 Week Online Video Course:

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets (no matter when you start!)

 Why is Sitting Dangerous?

“After 1 hour of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat declines by as much as 90%. Extended sitting slows the body’s metabolism affecting things like (good cholesterol) HDL levels in our bodies. Research shows that this lack of physical activity is directly tied to 6% of the impact for heart diseases, 7% for type 2 diabetes, and 10% for breast cancer, or colon cancer.”  

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation‘ 

by Nilofer Merchant, Harvard Business Review JANUARY 14, 2013

Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth-leading risk factor for death for people all around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Prolonged sitting, meaning sitting for eight to 12 hours or more a day, increased your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%.”

Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise  By Jen Christensen, CNN

What is the solution?

Sitting may be dangerous, but sitting is also a part of our modern life: we sit for hours on planes, at our desks, in front of the television, at the computer. Eric Franklin has for you a fun, impactful and easy way to solve this problem:

  • Dynamic Sitting for a Long & Healthy Life
  • Learn how to improve Your Posture
  • Learn how to strengthen your Abs & Gluts
  • Gain tools to help you add movement to your everyday life, where ever you are and whatever you are doing

Other Benefits of the Course:

  • Work out at your office and save time
  • Tone your abs while working at your desk
  • No time for the Gym? Train while you work
  • Sitting has never been more fun

Dynamic Abs: Whole Body Fitness

6 week online video course

Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets (no matter when you start!)



  •  – How to strengthen abdominal muscles in an effective way, without injuring or causing tension in your body.
  • – The relation between abdominal strength and a lean, flat stomach.
  • – The best methods for abdominal training using function, anatomy, movement and imagery.
  • – How to coordinate your breathing  and abdominal muscles properly.
  • – The keys to training of the pelvic floor in relation to your abs.
  • – Effective abdominal exercises using the Franklin Method, that you can incorporate into       your daily routine. And all of from home, all without travel stress or expenses and at your own pace!


  • – You can now say goodbye to back and joint discomfort.
  • – A faster journey to success
  • – You will find your mood and motivation will improve daily.
  • – Increase your energy, stamina and balance .
  • – Experience a new level of self- confidence, that good posture can provide!

How It Works

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    Register and Pay

    We offer you payment options: PayPal or Credit Card. AFTER YOUR PAYMENT IS COMPLETED - DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW AS YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE. There you will register for the course in our membership portal. You can access the course again going to

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    After receiving the money you will receive IMMEDIATE access to the first videos

    You will be redirected to our members page. You will have access to immediately see the first week of the course. If purchasing the courses individually, you will receive the first week of either Dynamic Abdominals or Sit to be Fit. If you purchased the bundled program, then you will have access to the first week of Dynamic Abdominals, and Sit to be Fit will follow after you finish the Dynamic Abdominals course.

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    Weekly lessons incl. Videos & Worksheets (no matter when you start!)

    Every week you expect new videos and worksheets, no matter when you start the course. Dynamic abs is a 6 week course, Sit to be Fit is a 4 week course. The bundled courses are a total of 10 weeks.

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    Live webinar with Eric Franklin

    On September 15th, 2015, you can ask your questions directly to Eric Franklin himself You can not attend this day? No Problem! We record the webinar and you can check out later.

What's included in the course prices?

Sit to be Fit 

+ 4 Week Online Course

+ 7 Video's

+ 4 Interactive Worksheets

+ LIVE Webinar with Eric Franklin

Dynamic Abs

+6 Week Online Course

+ 15 Video's + 6 Interactive Worksheets + LIVE Webinar with Eric Franklin

Premium Bundled Package

(Dynamic Abs & Sit to be Fit)

+10 Week Online Course

+ 22 Videos

+ 10 Interactive Worksheets

+ 10 Printable Franklin Method Anatomical Imagery Posters 

+  Participation Certificate*

(requires completion of short quiz to prove participation)

Or You Can Purchase The Courses together!


Premium Bundled Package

Dynamic Abs + Sit to Be Fit

10-week Course


+ 10 Printable Franklin Method Anatomical Imagery Posters 

+  Participation Certificate*

(requires completion of short quiz to prove participation)


Get Started Now!

*This participation certificate  may be used to facilitate CE with your organization. However, this participation certificate does not certify you as a Franklin Method educator or give you the ability to teach Franklin Method Workshops. Please email us for more information at you can learn more about our teacher educator program here:  - if you have taken an earlier online course with us, and would like a participation certificate for that course, please contact us at

Sit to be Fit 4 Week Online Course

+ 7 Video’s

+ 4 Interactive Worksheets

+ LIVE Webinar with Eric Franklin


$50 off if you purchase before November 10th!

Discounted Price: $148


The developing and developed worlds are both facing an obesity epidemic with their workers getting bigger, or to be more specific, fatter. As demonstrated elsewhere in this issue, the individual and societal health and economic costs of obesity and physical inactivity are enormous. There is thus a need for regional, national and global action to combat the issues, with programmes broadly divisible into children and adolescents, the workforce, active aging, healthy aging and a broad cross-cutting agenda that focuses on the built environment. Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise “

Physical activity interventions in the workplace: the rationale and future direction for workplace wellness, Br J Sports Med 2009;43:1 4748 Published Online First: 29 October 2008, British Journal of Sports Medicne

Dynamic Abs 6 Week Online Course


+ 15 Video’s

+ 6 Interactive Worksheets

+ LIVE Webinar with Eric Franklin



“Strength might also predict mortality because it is reduced with disease and deconditioning. For example, lower extremity arterial ischemia can cause lower muscle strength and function (13). Pain from osteoarthritis may prevent activity resulting in atrophy from disuse. Intervention studies show the potential for large improvements in strength with small increases in lean mass (14), illustrating the importance of activity and exercise. Markers of inflammation are also related to lower strength (15) and lean mass, as well as to a decline in strength (16).” Strength, But Not Muscle Mass, Is Associated With Mortality in the Health, Aging and Body Composition Study Cohort by Anne B. Newman, et al Oxford JournalsThe Journals of Gerontology: Series AVolume 61, Issue 1, Pp. 72-77.


If you are a Franklin Method® educator, there is a special educator version of this digital course that comes with a discount for certified educators. Please contact us at for more information BEFORE REGISTERING.We are unable to give refunds based on missed discounts, so please contact us before registering for the course. 

What Equipment Do I Need For Course? +

These Courses make use of the following equipment:

Set of Franklin Method® Orange balls:

Alternatively you can use for the green textured Franklin Method® balls 

Franklin Method® Blue Band

FAQ - What else should I know ? +


What is the format of the bundled online course?  The bundled online course consists of 10 weeks of online courses. (6) Week Dynamic Abs: Whole Body Fitness online course & (4) Week Sit to be Fit: Live Longer with a Stronger Core online course.

  • 22 Videos
  • 10 Weekly Emails & 10 Interactive Worksheets
  • Live Webinar Q&A with Eric Franklin on September 15th, 2015
  • 10 Printable Franklin Method® Imagery Posters
  • Participation Certificate (requires completion of short quiz to prove participation)

What is the cost of the course? Is this price for all three courses? The price for the whole course (all three courses) is $458. This one-time purchase grants you access to both courses as well as the extras listed above.

Can I purchase the 2 courses individually?  You can! The two courses can be purchased “ala cart”. However, the ala cart versions to not come with the following extras:

  • 10 Printable Franklin Method® Imagery Posters
  • Participation Certificate (requires completion of short quiz to prove participation)


When do the courses start? After you register for the bundled Pelvic Power online course, no matter when you register, you will receive instant access to the first week of your course. Every week you will receive an email alerting you that access is available for the newest week. When registering for the premium bundled course, you will have access to the 6 week Dynamic Abs course, and then when that course is finished, you will automatically receive access to the first week of the Sit to be Fit course.

What is the Live Q&A Session with Eric Franklin: Eric will answer any questions you may have after going through the course. This will help you to get clarity and a deeper understanding of the course and the exercises and concepts taught in the videos. If you are unable to “attend” the live Q&A, you will have access to a recorded version. The scheduled date for the live webinar is September 15th, 2015. t

Do I need any materials before I start the course? To fully experience the course you will need a Franklin Method ball and band. You can order them here.

Where do I access the course module after purchasing? You will receive an email with instructions for accessing your course.  Please be sure to save this email.

How long will the course be available online? You will have lifetime access for unlimited views of the videos as long as the technology exists for online videos and for the lifetime of our website on the world wide internet.

Are the videos available for download, or just for streaming? The videos are not available for download, but they are available for streaming.

Can I view the videos on my mobile phone or tablet?  Yes, all videos are viewable with Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as all standard laptop and desktop computers (both PC and MAC). You will need stable, high-speed Internet connections, and in some countries it may be best to use a LAN line.

I have access to week 1 but cannot view any other weeks. When will I have access to the other modules?  A week after registering and gaining access to the first week, you will receive an email alerting you that access to the next week is available. You can log in at any time to watch the videos, and every week you will be granted access to the next week of courses.

Why aren’t all of the videos made available to me at once? The reason we extend the release of each additional week’s course, is we believe that the course materials are best reviewed thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Is this course eligible for credit towards ACE or other continuing education programs?  You will receive a participation certificate (upon successful completion of short quiz to prove participation). This participation may be used to facilitate CE with your organization. However, this participation certificate does not certify you as a Franklin Method educator or give you the ability to teach Franklin Method Workshops. Please email us for more information at you can learn more about our teacher educator program here:

What is the length and listing of the video component of this online course?

Dynamic Abs:

Week 1: Video #1a: 2:13 – Video #1b: 11:44 –  Video #1c: 8”19

Week 2:  Video #2a: 11:34 – Video #2b: 7:19 – Video #2c: 21:34

Week 3:  Video #3a: 20:59 – Video #3b: 3:22

Week 4:  Video #4a: 14:58 - Video #4b: 13:47

Week 5: Video #5a: 13:22 - Video #5b: 9:04 - Video #5c: 10:27

Week 6: Video #6a: 1:29 - Video #6b: 17:44

Sit to be Fit: 

Week 1: Video #1a: 19:37

Week 2:  Video #2a: 20:04– Video #2b: 10:37

Week 3:  Video #3a: 17:09 – Video #3b: 12:32

Week 4:  Video #4a: 11:07 - Video #4b: 11:18

I am still having difficulties accessing my videos. Who can I talk to for more help?  If you have further questions, you can contact us directly at

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin is the founder and director of the Franklin Method. He created the Method over 25 years ago, first teaching in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and further in the USA, China, Japan and many other countries. He earned his BS from the University of Zurich and his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Eric teaches at universities and schools throughout the world including the Juilliard School in New York, Rutgers University, the University of Vienna, the Royal Ballet School and the Laban Center in London. In 1998 he introduced the first dance conditioning methodology to mainland China. Eric presents his work at numerous conferences, such as the World Congress for Lower Back and Pelvic Pain, the Pilates Method Alliance and the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. Eric Franklin is author 19 books, including of Dynamic Alignment through Imagery (2012), Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance (2013), Relax your Neck - Liberate your Shoulders (2002), Pelvic Power (2003), Inner Focus, Outer Strength (2006) and Beautiful Body, Beautiful Mind (2009). Eric Franklin’s books have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Chinese and Korean.